How are lawyer reviews moderated?

All reviews are manually and carefully moderated. If you are a member of our site and we have an accurate email address for you, you will be notified of any new reviews published (unless you opt out of this notification in your lawyer dashboard after becoming a member).

If you are not a member you will not be notified (as we don't have your contact details).

Reviews that concentrate on the outcome of a legal situation or legal fees rather than the review criteria are unlikely to be accepted;

Review criteria is a rating from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) for each of the following:

  • Overall experience
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding & empathy
  • Keeping me informed
  • Professionalism

Overall experience is the criteria which is used in our rating algorithm. The other star ratings are for extra information for prospective clients.

Reviewers can elect to have their review published anonymously but we will provide the reviewers name to the reviewed lawyer, if the lawyer requests it.

Lawyer reviews are subject to the following conditions which are reproduced from our Terms of Use:

8.1 Reviewers are required to register and must provide us with accurate and complete information as to identity and email address;

8.2 The IP addresses of reviewers are collected and stored by us at the time each review is submitted;

8.3 By submitting a review you warrant that you are a genuine past or current client of the lawyer you are reviewing and that you have had or do have a professional lawyer-client relationship with the lawyer you are reviewing;

8.4 We will not accept reviews from those who are family members, friends, employers, employees, former employers, former employees or professional colleagues of a lawyer, including if the reviewer has had a solicitor-client relationship with a lawyer;

8.5 All reviews are moderated to ensure they are from genuine past or present clients and that the review is appropriate and complies with these terms of use;

8.6 Threats, harassment, hate speech, humiliation, discrimination, lewdness and identification of individuals other than the reviewer and the lawyer will not be tolerated;

8.7 Reviews that concentrate on the outcome of a legal situation rather than the review criteria are unlikely to be accepted;

8.8 LawCorner makes no warranty that a review will be published in part or full. Reviews are published on LawCorner in our absolute discretion;

8.9 Reviewers can elect to have their review published anonymously, however, we will provide your name and email to a lawyer you review, if they request it.

8.10 Fake reviews will not be tolerated. IP addresses are recorded when reviews are submitted and will be provided to police if required;

8.11 Lawyers are prohibited from arranging, or causing to be arranged, the submission of reviews by their friends, family, colleagues, employees and former employees of the lawyer, even if they are an existing or former client of the lawyer;

8.12 Lawyers are prohibited from paying or rewarding, or causing others to pay or reward, others to submit reviews for themselves or others;

8.13 Lawyers are encouraged to invite their current and past clients to submit a review, subject to clause 8.8 of these terms.

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